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Sun Flower

  Stewart Scott (17359)


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FREE Delivery On Wall Art Over €30

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About the artist


Stewart Scott

Stewart first got into photography when he found himself with a small compact sony camera. It was almost fully automatic so it was just a case of pointing and shooting. He always held a strong passion for nature and history so he had a good idea what would spark his creativity. Stewart began taking black and white photos of steam trains - once he had worked out the settings on the compact Sony. He also enjoyed doing sepia photography as well as black and white. "My taste for photography was growing, I needed a better camera so I was good for a year and got my First DSLR for christmas. I got a few books and learnt how to use it" Once Stewart knew the difference between ISO and aperture, exposure and megapixel he was addicted. "I learnt about software such as Photoshop, Lightroom and later on Google's Nik collection. Seven years later I have four cameras and a whole lot of lenses and I love it." Stewart finds it very rewarding to get out and shoot the subjects he feels that he somehow connects with. His main tool is a Canon 5D MkII which he uses when he visits places with his family however when he is out walking he takes the smaller canon 500D (his first DSLR) with him. Stewart also has An underwater camera and a Canon G1X for small family occasion. Please get in touch with Stewart if you have any questions or queries about his work Poster Print | Framed Print | Wall Canvas | Metal Print

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