What is the correct height to hang your wall art?

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There are many factors when choosing a picture to suit your living space, do you want a timeless landscape that will always remind you of a certain time or place in your life or an abstract image to tie in with your decor, which colours are compatible with the room setting, again will the size be over powering etc etc… and once you have made your decision, it is time to hang it professionally.

Here are just a few simple tips to help you showcase your latest image.

The perfect height to hang your wall art can vary from room to room depending on extremely high ceilings and artwork to match but the normal rule of thumb is to keep it within the average eye line.

For most galleries and museums, the average eye line is 58 inches from the ground.

When measuring your wall and your artwork, the center of your image should be 58 inches from the ground so if your artwork say for example is 30 inches high then the center point which is 15 inches, needs to be 58 inches from the ground.

When attaching picture cord to the back of your wall art, the best height to do so to create the optimal viewing experience is measuring a third from the top so if your picture is again 30 inches high, you will need to make sure that you attach the hanging cord 10 inches from the top and leave a small bit of slack when tightening your knot.

If you apply the cord above this measurement or the cord too loose, it will allow your picture to hang too far forward and even showing the picture cord appearing from behind.

While saying that, if you decide to hang below this measurement or place the cord too tightly, you will see the reverse hanging effect as the bottom of picture loses contact with the wall.

Now with that in mind, it is time to hang your latest wall art.