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Minimum Payout is 50 Euros.


Sign up, Upload your images, begin selling them immediately and earning money.

Features Include:


This is a general guide to Foto Factory.

You can maximize uncapped earning and also receive the recognition that your images deserve from a wide range of diverse photographers.

Due to the nature of Foto Factory, all images uploaded must not contain a watermark as this will prevent the buyer receiving a clean image on the other side.

Foto Factory will always provide a watermark to protect your images.



Why would my photo(s) be declined?

Your photos may be declined if a watermark is displayed, image quality is poor, the image is not up to merchantable standard, the image has no title, insufficient amount of keywords/description or of rude/offensive material.


What's the largest file size i can upload?
The largest file size that you can upload is 50mb
How many files can be uploaded together?
You may uploads as many files as you wish but we recommend adding files one at a time and entering their listing details correctly, these details however can always be updated from your account page.
How many photos can my account hold?
We offer virtually unlimited uploads with a fair usage policy of 10,000 images maximum
Can I choose my prices?
Yes, there are a number of set prices to choose from and redirect potential customers to your website.
What can I earn from my images?
Please see Contributor Royalties
How can I redeem my earnings
You can redeem your earnings via PayPal by sending an email to  
Minimum Payout is 50 Euros.
How do I report offensive material or rude conduct?
If you would like to report any offensive material or rude conduct, email
How do I close my account?
Simply send an email to requesting your account to be closed. We will look after it for you.
**Account termination is absolutely final and no account data, images or any other information is retrieveable once deleted.
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